Turf Maintenance

We cover all aspects of you lawn needs.

At Hibbs Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, we take great measures while mowing your lawn to leave your property looking the best on the block. We use our professional lawn mowing equipment to give you absolutely the best cut while following some basic principles while servicing your property.
Do’s and Don’ts of Lawn Mowing:


  • Stripe lawn to give it that second to none appearance
  • Blow grass clippings out of planting beds
  • String trim all edges to turf to give that clean appearance
  • Push mow any areas too wet for commercial mowers
  • Double cut or blow clippings when necessary
  • Blow off all hard surfaces
  • Sharpen blades daily to cut grass blades not tear them


  • Cut in same direction every time leaving ruts
  • Turn mowers sharply leaving bare spots
  • Leave grass clippings in planting beds
  • Run large mowers in wet areas leaving mud tracks
  • Drive mowers fast leaving scalp marks