Turf Maintenance

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leaf-removal-raking-lawncareLeaf removal service is a necessity to prepare your lawn for the long winter months. If leaves are left on the lawn over the winter, it inhibits water, nutrients and sunlight to reach your lawn. This could cause your turf to weaken and increase the amount of bare spots that will need to be fixed come spring. Also, who doesn’t like the look of a leaf free lawn? Here at Hibbs Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, we believe in the no leaf left behind principle. Our leaf removal service is thorough, and gives your lawn and outstanding appearance. Our leaf removal service is billed hourly. We use out commercial grade blowers, tarps, and rakes to remove the leaves from your property. If you have a place to dispose of the leaves on your property, we can dispose of them there. If not, we have a leaf vacuum truck to dispose of the leaves for an additional cost once placed in a pile at a curb.