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Landscaping mulchMulching is one of the simplest ways to change the look of a landscape entirely. At one time, there should be no more than 3 inches of mulch in a landscape bed. Before mulching, we will make sure there is no more than 3 inches of mulch in the landscape bed. If there is more than 3 inches, this could potentially harm the trees and plants, making it hard for water to get down for them to breathe. Also, it could make it harder for water and nutrients to reach the roots. Along with this, if too much mulch gets piled up on the trunk of the tree or base of the plants, this can be harmful also. If there will end up being more than 3 inches, we remove some of the mulch in order to ensure this does not happen. Our crews take great measures to make sure that no mulch gets piled up at the base of your siding on your house also. This can cause termites to start eating away at your house.