Turf Maintenance

We cover all aspects of you lawn needs.

Lawn Fertilizer Timeline


We apply a pre-emergent product to control crab grass and other weeds. Along with this, this product contains fertilizer to maintain a healthy, green lawn during the spring months.

Broadleaf weed control

We apply a weed control treatment to make sure weeds are kept under control and a micronutrient treatment to ensure lawns have enough nutrients to stay green going into the summer months.

Weed Control/Slow Release Fertilizer

We apply a weed control treatment to make sure both annual and perennial weeds are kept under control. Along with this, as well as a fertilizer application to make sure turf stays green and healthy.

Grub Control/Slow release fertilizer/spot spray broadleaf weeds

June is the perfect time to control grubs before they become a problem in the late summer months. Also, the slow release fertilizer makes sure you have a healthy, green lawn and spot spraying for weeds makes sure to eliminate those unwanted broadleaf weeds in your lawn.

Summer fertilizer/weed control/spray for crabgrass and nut grass

Our applicators will show up to your property and apply summer fertilizer, along with another round of weed control. Also on this visit, we will spray the ugly nut sedge that takes over your lawn at this time of the summer.

Spray crabgrass and nut grass prior to fall aeration

we will spray yet another round of weed control on your crabgrass and nut grass in order to make sure they are gone prior to fall aeration and seeding.

Fall preparation

In early September our crews will come out to your property and core aerate, over seed with Gateway Green Mix, a fescue grass blend with 99% germination rate, and apply starter fertilizer to your lawn. We ask that you mark your sprinkler heads, downspout pop up drains, sewer caps, and any other obstructions in your lawn prior to service. You will receive a call one week prior to aeration service.

Winter Applications

Right around the time the leaves are falling, and we are performing leaf removal, our applicators come out and apply a winterizer to your lawn. The purpose of the winterizer is to give your lawn an extra boost of nitrogen to give your lawn some extra nutrients to make it through the winter months.
November - December